Microfono Inalambrico de Mano JTS

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Microfono Inalambrico de Mano JTS


  • Mirofono Inalambrico Vocal Gama Profesional
  • Alcance sin obstaculos 30 metros
  • 961 Frecuencias UHF Seleccionables
  • Posibilidad de montar hasta 16 sistemas simultaneos con baja interferencia entre ellos

US-1000D Preset 4 groups each of 16 UHF channels. True diversity technology prevents RF dropouts. Equipped with S.A.W. filter for interference free operation. Built-in ,noise mute and tone-key squelch. Lock-on” mode avoids accidental changes of frequency, sensitivity and power-off. Balanced XLR output and unbalanced 6.3mm (1/4?) output. Tuned antennas for the most stable RF reception. Compact half rack space design with metal receiver housing. Mh-8990i UHF PLL handheld transmitter with 961 selectable channel and Phase-locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tuner. Interchangeable capsule module for either condenser or dynamic capsule. 961 selectable channels Phase-locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tuner Advanced circuit design ensures stable signal transmission Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response Noise mute and tone-key squelch Interchangeable capsule module for either condenser or dynamic capsule Internal antenna design ?Lock-on? function prevents tampering and RF interruption.